hanajibu asked:

I watch a lot of Frasier and I thought they kind of seemed like an evil play on that when they were breaking down the crime scene with Jack Crawford in Naka-Choko. I can just see a show like this/Frasier, but with them playing murderous psychiatrists.




there is even a dog

and sassy female

i approve of fraiser au 1000 %

I’m glad you liked my observation.  I didn’t even think of the fact that the dog and sassy female are already present and accounted for.

p.s. I’m horrible at keeping up with asks (i.e. checking to see if they are answered).  I’d come across my original ask in a txt document and was gonna ask you again, before I accidentally google searched it to have the reply come up as the only result.

Not getting these anytime soon either.

PvP rewards that I won’t be getting.

Still haven’t gotten one of them, but I’ve barely played in August.

This deserves all of the reblogs.  I volunteer at a camp for kids that have/had cancer, and it is a pain getting the young kids to put it on, but I think this video would change that.