I don’t know why but this one got me laughing real good.

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So I just found out that to be an astronaut you can’t be under 5’2” and this is BULLSHIT I never wanted to be an astronaut until I found out I couldn’t and now I feel like a dream has been crushed fuck you NASA

i don’t want to live in a world where we can’t launch danny devito into space

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The immediate guy in the front reminds me of William Shatner.  Those reactions.

Just started and Michael C. Hall is brilliant in this.

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Beer and Honey

There is so much depth and variety to them.  Most people don’t even realize that these aren’t just two things.  I mean there are over a hundred different styles of beer and honey is only limited by floral sources.  Each monofloral honey has its own color, viscosity, smell, and taste. 

I will always think of Fringe whenever I see mercury.

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