Pour one out.

I love that Walter Bishop just nonchalantly will drink/eat anything.

Fringe’s Crystal Blue Persuasion Before Breaking Bad

So, apparently Fringe had a whole Crystal Blue persuasion thing before Breaking Bad.  I thought it was a nod to them, but it is in the beginning of S4E8 with Walter Bishop making Peter Bishop cookies with nothing on but an apron, while the song is playing faintly in the background.  So, that episode aired 1/13/12 and the BB episode (S5E8) with that song was on 8/2/12. Both are mad scientists cooking stuff up.

This is the best thing ever.  Niko, you will love this.  I really need to watch KLK.

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this is bigger than the moon landing

never let this die

Another nice little laugh.  There is a Norwood near me, so I got excited, but this is around Cincinnati.

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Funky Kong from Donkey Kong Country 2.



I have no idea why I never posted this

Because you look awesome.

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